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The National Citizen Service (NCS) programme has benefited thousands of young people locally,helping them make a real and last difference to their lives. Want to learn more? Read some of our case studies and see how you could benefit from this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Parent Case Studies

Oscar's Mum's Story

Oscar's Mum's Story

Jennifer Scoot sent her son Oscar on the National Citizen Service (NCS) programme after hearing about the programme at Oscar's school; the programme seemed like a fantastic opportunity and had no reservations in signing him up.

Throughout NCS Jennifer noticed that her son had noticed an increase in his confidence and abilities and that he now had a lot more ideas. She felt one of the biggest advantages of doing NCS was providing an awareness of the wider world, making new friends and having the chance to feel like they’ve made a real difference.

Jennifer feels that the NCS programme has given his confidence a huge boost, meaning that he is now comfortable in contacting strangers and organisations independently.

When asked what she would say to another parent thinking about enrolling their child on NCS Jennifer said “Do not hesitate to enrol your child on this programme. It is fantastic value for money and invaluable for skills and confidence building. Highly recommended!”

Young Person Case Studies

Frazer's Story

Frazer's Story

Frazer first heard about NCS through Facebook and when the team came to visit the school he knew it was something he wanted to try. Having a change of scenery, the opportunity to meet new people and a chance to take part in meaningful community work were things that swayed his decision.

Having completed the programme, Frazer now feels he has the ability to put trust in people more than he ever could before, instead of being so self-reliant he now feels that being able to trust others will help him in the future.

One of Frazer’s favourite parts of the programme was the residential activities, where he overcame one of his biggest challenges, putting trust in others. His social action project involved working as a team to raise money to buy clothing and blankets for the homeless, with any remaining money going to the Rainbow Centre. Frazer’s team felt that not enough was being done in their locality for the homeless and were very grateful for receiving the donations.

Being involved in the National Citizen Service has changed Frazer’s life for the better as he is now able to work in teams, and directly seeing the benefits of working in the community really gave a sense of achievement.

In the future Frazer still plans to remain involved in the community, he would like to do voluntary work at the foodbank and continue working with the homeless. He is also looking to become a team leader or assistant team leader for the NCS programme, so that he can continue to see how the positive effects of others can have amazing outcomes on others.

When asked what advice he would give to anyone thinking of doing the programme he said “Do it, it’s one of the best experiences you can do for yourself and your community, its self-rewarding.”

Oliver's Story

Oliver's Story

Oliver first heard about the National Citizen Service through a TV advertisement and decided to join the programme because it seemed like a fun way to improve his CV. The PGL residential activities proved to be the most popular part of the programme for Oliver, finding that climbing the incredibly high ladder one of the biggest challenges he faced.

The social action project Oliver’s team decided to work on was focused around raising the money needed to buy food and clothing for homeless people, as well as volunteering their time in a care home for the elderly. Having noticed that there were a lot of homeless people in Oliver’s hometown he felt the desire to replace the clothing they currently had as it was not warm enough to get through the winter.

The effect of this project on the community made a real impact on Oliver as he noticed an improvement in the moods of the care home residents he visited, as well as the knowledge that homeless people could have a warmer and safer winter.

Although now Oliver is not quite as involved in the local community as he once was, he is still very much interested in keeping up to date with any changes in the future as he is now looking to start a job.

When asked what advice he would give to someone considering the programme he said “Do it, even if it is not your thing, don’t just try to stick with people you know”.  

Aimee's Story

Aimee's Story

Aimee first heard about NCS from a promotional video on Facebook, she thought it looked like lots of fun and also a great experience to build on relationships, trust, self-challenge and relationships.

From taking part in the programme, Aimee feels that she has learned to put her trust into people a little more, as well as building more confidence and physical strength through the challenges. Aimee particularly enjoyed the outdoors activities such as, the Tree Top Challenge and zip wiring, she found it was a great way to overcome her fears and put her trust in others from the start.

Aimee’s life has changed for the best in many way since NCS, she now feels more confident in communicating with people, and is now much more aware of the potential opportunities available to her than she had first realised.

Aimee said “I would recommend NCS 100%, there are so many benefits: making new friends, gaining social skills, building confidence, getting involved in the community and having fun!”

Emmas Story

Emmas Story

Emma received a phone call from the NCS team, liked the sound of the residential experience and signed up. She knew that meeting new people would be a challenge but was happy to take it on.

Throughout the project, Emma felt the most important skills she learned were time management and communications which she felt would be highly beneficial for any jobs she would be applying for in the future.

Her social action project involved raising awareness and promote the services of the youth charity ‘HOUSE’. Emma’s team chose to support this charity because they could see the positive effect it would have on the community, allowing more young people the opportunity to benefit from its services.


Jack's Story

Jack's Story

Jack heard about NCS at a school lecture, he wanted to have fun, give something back to the community and boost his CV. Jack found the programme taught him some great things about teamwork, as well as how to build a raft if stuck on a desert island

He made new friends who are brilliant to talk to, and faced new challenges such as being held by a piece of string on the ‘giant swing’ which was scary but confidence building.

Jack and his team worked to raise money for ChildLine, he found it satisfying to know that he was making a very real difference to the charity and have a direct impact on the lives of children who need help and support.

When asked what he would say to someone thinking of doing NCS Jack said “Definitely do it! It’s fun, you get to make a lot of decisions, you’re not just told what to do, but instead part of a creative process. You are taken out of your comfort zone and put into new challenges you would never have thought of doing before. If you don’t get a chance to do any research before starting, don’t worry, your NCS leaders have all the information you would be interested in. So join up now!”